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Why You Should Not Fertilize Your Lawn This Spring — 2 Comments

  1. Sorry to disagree. In Ohio, if you wait ti late may you will have crabgrass out of control. I use a 7 step program for my customers who water regularly and my lawns are very healthy and green all growing season. That’s what my clients want. That’s what I give them. The 3-5 app customers NEVER look as good as the others. They are healthy lawns but not eye catching at all. To generalize like that and say we just are out there to make money for something not needed is wrong. Do some research first and I would love to have you come up here with your 3-4 app programs and see how your business grows. Probably like your lawns would slow and faded.

    • Robert I understand what you are saying but crabgrass and fertilizing are two different things. The facts are that you really should put down the nitrogen in the fall when your turf is growing roots and storing nutrients for the next years growth. That big flush of growth in the spring actually puts a stress on the reserves that are built up and are not really helping do anything for the overall health of the plant. If a lawn is healthy it will survive invasions of weeds but as an annual weed crabgrass is a warm season weed I think that excess fertilizer is feeding this weed. If you must control crabgrass then by all means use a pre-emergent herbicide or a post emergent but do not just apply fertilizer to apply fertilizer. This is based on research conducted by the University Of Minnesota.

      As for the making money part if you were only making three applications a year instead of seven I am sure that you would have a lifestyle change but I was referring to the fertilizer manufacturing companies who are pushing the advertising in print , radio, and television commercials

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