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The weather is suppose to be great for gardening this weekend so if you have been putting that cleanup off now is the time to get to it. The perennials are starting to poke up through the ground so be careful when cleaning up the beds. The spring flowering bulbs are mostly up as well. I have seen some daffodils in bloom already in protected locations up next to buildings.

If you are thinking about crabgrass prevention this would be a good weekend to get to it. I have seen the flower buds getting ready on the forsythia and generally speaking you do not have a lot of time after that to put your prevention down. Be sure that you water well after so it will get down into the soil. It is all a matter of timing.

For most vegetables it is still a little early to get them out bust for harder crops such as arugula,. broccoli, and Chinese cabbage as well as leaf lettuce you can get them going with some protection. I have a low tunnel set up in the garden for the early crops and it does a great job until the danger of frost has passed.

Here you can see the early crops in the garden.

Early Plantings In Salad Garden

Early Plantings In Salad Garden

The cover protects them well and will help to keep the temperature warmer by up to 20 degrees. This helps the vegetables to grow but on a sunny day the temperature can soar and actually burn the crops.

I would advise that care should be taken that if warm temperatures and sunny skies are expected. Open up a section of the cover to allow the hot air to escape and prevent cooked vegetables. This cover will also be used in the fall to extend the harvest time so e will fresh vegetables for Thanksgiving.


I will be heading out in just a few minutes to the Woodland Garden to get this weekends projects under way. Some of the new plants have arrived and I have several maintenance issues to attend to such as putting the roof on to the screen room. It has so far turned out to be a good spring for me and I have gotten much of the work done that I had let go. Why not click the link above and see what I am up to.

Have a great weekend and get out in the garden. There is plenty to do between the rain showers and remember the sooner you start the quicker you will be able to enjoy!


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