Springtime Number 59

This Springtime will be number 59 for me. While I must admit I don’t think I can recall much about the first five or six I can remember from my seventh being at my Grandmothers house across the street and having an Easter egg hunt with my cousins. There was much frivolity and fun roiling around wrestling on Grandmas soft zoysia grass lawn.

By the time I was 10 I was more in tune with gardening having spent many hours helping my Grandmother with gardening chores and even tending my own little vegetable garden. I think that my love for gardening was firmly cemented back then my Grandmother had a way of making everything a fun adventure, even pulling weeds.

Springtime is my favorite part of the year it gets me excited around December 22nd because because after that day the hours of daylight start to grow longer starting towards the March To Springtime. A lot of people feel that New Years Day is the beginning of the new year but a true gardener feels that the first day out in the garden in springtime is the start of the new year.springtime daffodils

One thing that I have learned through the years about springtime is that no two springs are alike. Last year at this time I was already out planting salad greens and radishes this year we are still under snow cover. On my last walk around the back gardens I did spot the daffodils just starting to peak out of the ground, which still sends a thrill through me every year.

Over the years I have learned many many things about gardening. Some of the things I have learned was through reading, some of the things I have learned was through Horticultural Classes, some of the things from other gardeners, but I have learned the most through my own successes and failures. Experience is the best teacher of all.

Having been through these springtime’s has taught me a lot of life lessons as well. Patience is probably at the top along with a greater appreciation for the world around us and what it has to teach us. The cycle of life is played out in nature and probably for most people that garden is the perfect medium to experience this in. A plant will sprout from a seed grow till it reaches the right moment then burst into bloom. As the flower withers and dies it produces seeds that will assure that a new plant next year. As the seed matures the plant will start to wither and die depositing the seed into the soil to lay fallow till the next springtime when the whole cycle of life begins again.

One other thing that I would like to say is that a garden will also teaches us about a community and the part each one plays in it. A gardener will build a garden and tend it. As the garden grows wildlife will be drawn to it be it birds, or bees, animals or microbes all these things are reliant upon another thing in order to make the garden a success. So while many different things come together to make a successful garden a successful community is a sum of all it;s parts as well.

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