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Each year as the weather starts to shake off winter millions of home owners start to think about spring lawn care. Turfgrass is a 35 billion dollar a year industry, certainly explains why the fertilizer companies can afford all those commercials. This year why not consider an alternative to the fertilizer, weed control, and lawn repair.

A lawn is certainly useful in that it provides many benefits including erosion control, adding tons of oxygen to the air, removing dirt and dust from the air, as well as helping to reduce pollution by filtering water for the aquifer. To keep it looking it’s best though requires a lot of labor’ water, chemicals, and time which may counteract many of it’s benefits.

Spring lawn care is starting to become a thing of the past for many home owners as they seek out alternative landscape ideas. Some are using lawn replacement choices that include low-maintenance beds to paver patios, gravel paths, water features, play yards, gazebos or pergolas, and fire pits. By changing how the yard is used not only is maintenance requirement reduced useable space is enhanced. For some spring lawn care involves taking a broom and sweeping off the artificial turf.
spring  lawn care alternatives

Tear It All Out Spring Lawn Care Method?

I am certainly not suggesting that your spring lawn care this year be to bring in the heavy equipment and pull out your entire lawn. While many have taken this approach I am pretty sure that you and your neighbors would much prefer a more subdued and balanced approach.

My thoughts are that you should consider replacing 60% to 80% of your lawn with alternative landscape areas. I believe that much of the work can be done by home owners as weekend projects bringing in contractors only for larger or more complicated projects, this is a way to reduce cost and stretch your budget.The work can be done in phases over 3, 5, or even 10 years allowing time to develop your plans to fit the needs of your family as well as budget.

The Master Plan

Just as you would not build a house without a set of blueprints, you do not want to redo your yard without a plan. The plan should be based on what you would like to utilize your yard for.You need to ask yourself do you want a place to entertain, a place for the kids to play, how about growing your own vegetables or herbs.

Earlier I mentioned phasing the work over a number of years that could be incorporated in to the plan to utilize the same space differently as needs change.Let me give you an example say you have younger children and you want to build a play yard the may encompass a swing set or a jungle gym. Most certainly you would want to have a child safe surface to help prevent injuries so maybe a recycled rubber surface.

A few years pass and the children have now 6 or 8 years older and have outgrown the play equipment. You can now remove the play equipment and remove the rubber mulch. Bring in a load of crushed granite and stone dust cover the area where the rubber mulch was with the granite level and compact it throw in a fire pit and seating and now you have a great place for the family to spend the evening telling ghost stories and having weenie roasts. A little work re-purposes the area to a whole new use.That is what a good plan will do for you give you use of the space now while providing for a future use once your needs change.

There are ways to turn your lawn into a source of fruits and vegetables as well by inter planting in flower beds you can have vegetables or herbs amongst perennial flowers or grasses. What about a hedge of blueberry bushes. When you are planning this tears spring lawn care you just may want to look at the alternatives.


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