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Daffodils Blooming In MarchThere is a Spring Flowering Bulbs shortage coming but it is not because of the suppliers. The fact of the matter is that sales are declining for spring flowering bulbs and that is really worrying the bulb suppliers. They are trying hard to get interest up but it seems as if they are not making much headway.

The shortage of spring flowering bulbs is not in the garden centers it is in the gardens across the country people are not planting them and that is a very sad thing. The interest in planting these bulbs is waning and the big bulb companies are trying to drum up sales.

Why There A Lack Of Interest In Spring Flowering Bulbs

I believe that there are several causes for the lack of interest in planting spring flowering bulbs and not just one factor. The first reason I believe is do to the fact that older gardeners are dying or can not do as much as they use too. Our population is aging and that does have to be taken into account.

Then my second thought on the subject is that while there are less older gardeners there are more newer gardeners that are younger and are just starting out. Many of these new gardeners know little or nothing about spring flowering bulbs. It may seem confusing to a lot of them because at the end of April everyone is getting ready to start planting, the garden centers are loading up with plants and supplies, and it is even hard to find a parking space.

Then once all the excitement and fun of planting is over you enjoy your flowers throughout the summer, the Fall arrives and the annuals are dying it is time to start thinking about putting away the empty planters and raking leaves. As a new gardener many don’t know when to plant what or even what to plant in the Fall. The really bad thing is that planting bulbs is so easy dig a hole drop in a bulb then fill in the hole.

A Need For Education

I know that for many it is hard to believe that people don’t know about planting spring flowering bulbs but it is very true they don’t

When I was working for the hospital every Spring dozen of people would stop me and ask about the tulips or daffodils because they wanted to go buy some to plant in their yard. The first few times I was a bit amused but as it started to happen everyday I got to thinking about it. There was a time that you would buy annual seeds and plant them in your yard in the Spring Time if you wanted annuals. The same was true for vegetables you would start your seeds indoors and when the weather warmed you would plant them out in the garden.

So many people think that you can just go to the garden center and pick them up ready to plant just like any other flower. They would be right because some growers sell blooming spring flowering bulbs in a pot but the cost would be prohibitive to use them for planting they are mainly for displays like a cut flower.

So my thought is that we have grown use to the idea of instant this instant that go online use your plastic, have it delivered right to your door. That we could possibly overlooked one of the virtues of gardening and that is patience. They idea that in order to enjoy that burst of color and the excitement of the winter washing away and spring arriving we would have to dig. drop. and cover spring flowering bulbs 6 months earlier could easily elude the new gardener.

A lack of education of younger people about gardening is partially to blame, and the busy lives many of us live also contribute to this. Use to be folks would take walks after dinner and stop and pass time with the neighbors, to catch up on local and current events, the latest news in the neighborhood. They would talk about the weather and their gardens.

Now a days texting, tweeting, Facebook, and Google is the norm you can keep up, get the news, get information, communicate with your friends, even do shopping right from your smart phone. Some how though it is not the same as taking a leisurely stroll through the garden to see your neighbors latest acquisition or to sit and have a quiet conversation amongst the fauna and flora.

Gardening is about patience and perseverance it stimulates your imagination and challenges your skill it is also hands on and causes you to participate. These are some of the things that older gardeners should be able to pass on to those just starting out. The expertise and experience of the older gardener is a very valuable and time tested way to pass on those things every gardener must learn and the values it instills. I just hope nobody ever develops an App for that!


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