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There are many species of goldenrod found in our area, but for
my money, the prettiest is a strangely named variety called stiff

This native perennial and member of the aster family is in full
bloom right now and lights up many of our road ditches and prairie
patches with a darker, more solid sweep of yellow than other

Its flowers are larger and more clustered together giving it a
flat-topped appearance. Its flowers are similar to miniature asters
and are all yellow. The plant attains a height of more than 3

Its leaves are broad and flat and lance-shaped and seem to
lightly clasp the stem. They also are arranged alternately around
the stem.

Stiff goldenrod seems to be more palatable to grazers such as
deer, rabbits and muskrats than other varieties, but other plants
are more preferred, especially by livestock.

The plant is often used in roadside plantings, in wildlife food
and habitat plots and wildflower gardens.

Its flowers attract many kinds of insects including bees, wasps,
butterflies and beetles.

Goldfinches will also eat the seeds.


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