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vegi packs I went into a big box home center store and found a bit of cheer yesterday, from the blowing and drifting snow and sub zero wind chills. The seed display racks where setup and loaded with little packets of hope for the coming growing season.

While certainly not as exciting as hearing “The New Phone Books Are Here The New Phone Books Are Here” is to the masses those racks bursting with new seed packets stop me in my tracks every time. I knew that my trip was no longer a quick stop in to get a part. I called the wife and said “they are here” her reply was “OMG All Right see you when I see you Bye.” Over the years she has become very adept at figuring out what I mean without ever having to tell her what I am talking about.

I enjoyed the next 30 minutes reading various packages and searching for varieties that I had not seen on the racks before. While I did not purchase any of the seeds I just enjoy looking, and thinking about the possibilities for this years garden. It is sort of a moth to the flame sort of thing my wife has a word for it obsessive. Maybe I am I don’t know but it took my mind off that cold bitter wind outside for a while and put me in a much better frame of mind.

As I was making my way back out to the truck it occurred to me that I should give all of you a reminder about getting your seed catalogs out and placing your orders because you don’t want to find out you where too late and one of the varieties you wanted is sold out. Above all else sitting in a warm house perusing seed catalogs has got to be much preferable to being outside in the winter weather.

Keep warm and remember Spring Will Be Here Before You Know It.


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