Sep 19

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Parking Lot Update

Well As promised here is an update on the parking lot construction progress. These shots were taken Monday. As you can see a lot of trees have appeared and almost all the site work is done ready for final stone and paving.Tree plantings in and light pole bases ready for stone and pavement.

Ready for stone and pavement the only thing left is planting the flowers and shrubs in the islands on Friday.

Tree plantings in and light pole bases ready for stone and pavement.

A new Line of Purple Robe Locust in the parkway

As you can see a lot of progress has been made. But bad things can happen and when you are not paying attention an over zealous contractor can do a lot of harm. The damage was done by the time theses photos were taken.

Tree plantings in and light pole bases ready for stone and pavement.

A Backhoe were it should not have been!

This operator chose to dig a new electric trench using the wrong tool and in the wrong location. To get the job complete he tried to take a short cut and now this Honey Locust may stress out and die.

Tree plantings in and light pole bases ready for stone and pavement.

Several 3 or 4 inch in diameter roots were severed from this Honey Locust!

It is extremely important to keep an eye on contractors and equipment . This tree is about 30 years old and if it dies will change the whole appearance of this areas landscape. The damage is done so the only thing we can do is provide supplemental watering and a shot of fertilizer and hope.

I know that this may not be the most exciting subject for a lot of people but it is really a part of a groundskeepers duties and requires that you have a various background and expertise in order to ensure a properly constructed infrastructure for the operation of the building.

So to relieve the boredom here is a parting shot of one of the Color Pots by the entrance doors.

Color Pot.

Colorful Flower Pots by the entrances

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  1. Jeff

    That backhoe is definately way to close to the trees.

    They should have routed the wires a different way.

    I am sure the tree will survive though.

  2. Inside Home

    Poor Honey Locust! Hope it gets better.

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