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Have you been thinking about growing herbs and selling them for a profit? The interest in herbs is growing as more and more people start to realize the benefits of herbs in their lives. Some are looking for culinary herbs to spice up their cooking others are looking for herbs to use for medicinal purposes, and some are looking for items to use in their hobbies. There is a market out there for herbs and it really is not hard to get started.

The first step is to decide what herbs you are going to grow if you are going to grow fresh herbs for cooking you will need to find customers. This is the biggest hurdle. Check with local restaurants in the area see what type of herbs they use most. If the menu is heavy on pesto sauce dishes well then you would probably be able to sell them fresh basil or maybe they have needs for other types of herbs based on the cuisine thyme, lemon grass, or cilantro what ever it is if you can be a reliable source they maybe interested in your crops. Advertising they used local grown ingrediants is also a plus for the restaurant.

Another good place to sell your herbs is at local Farmers Markets many areas of the country have started these and some run from early spring to late fall. You can set up a booth and bring your herbs every week to sell at the market. It will not be long before you will start having repeat customers that come looking for you. It is not just fresh herbs you can sell an easy way to start making money is to sell herb plants that you have started in your backyard. Many people prefer to purchase their herb plants from a trusted and known source. Herbs are easy to start and grow and so you can quickly make good money charging a fair price.

Along with the herbs you can sell herb products that you make potpourri, sachets, herb vinegar,and oils. Maybe give away samples of different food made from your own recipes made with the herbs you are selling. You can even sell your recipes. Adding more products and choice is a great way to build your customer base.

Something else you should do is to start a customer mailing list. Start collecting names and email addresses that way you can alert your customers if you have a special sale coming up or if you are trying to promote special offers. Not only will you build a larger customer base you can send out a news letter once a month with recipes or interesting facts about herbs. This will also keep your customers thinking about you in the off season and they will be more enthused to buy if you are the kind of person that lets them know they matter.

As well as setting up an actual herb stand you can set up a website and sell from the internet. Dried herbs, seeds, and recipes as well as herbal products you make are all possibilities for you to sell online. There is a lot of opportunities to make money sell herbs. Today would be a great day for you yo start planning your own herb business.


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