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Whether you are an experienced pro or a new gardener one thing you will need  to have a successful garden is an ability to adapt to change. While you as a gardener have the ability to control many things in the garden like fertilizer, soil conditions, crops, and varieties there are some things which are out of your control.

While there are many thing one can do to have a successful garden the outside forces which affect you are mostly out of your control. These factors could be called environmental factors but they come down to three things weather, insects, and diseases, but mostly it is the weather. Once you accept and understand  this you will be able better to grasp the idea of how to have a successful garden.

Defining A Successful Garden

Lilac BushAs with any garden it is ultimately the gardener them selves that define what a successful garden is. Depending on your vision,  goals, and flexibility that  will determine whether your garden was successful or not.  If you are a perfectionist than it may be hard for you to be able to declare your garden successful. If you are the type of person that sees things of beauty and can easily discount the imperfections than it will be much easier to declare your garden as successful.

Some years your tomatoes will be so bountiful that you are loading bushel baskets of  then up trying to pawn some off to everyone at work. Nine times out of ten you will find that they already have tomatoes coming out their ears.Then on years when the tomatoes just won’t do anything those same people will be asking if you have any extra tomatoes.

The same will hold true with your flowers and fruit trees some years you will have so many lilac blooms that the branches will be bent over to the ground the air thick with the sweet aroma. Other years there is just the faintest hint of a few flowers scattered here and there upon the bush.

On the upside of all this is that in the vegetable garden that same year as the tomatoes were not so hot you had more broccoli and peas than you could possibly eat what a good thing that deep freezer is hey! What you lost out in lilacs you nearly doubled in Rose of Sharon in the flower garden. Don’t forget about those roses amazing.

What I am saying is that while your plans may be mighty nature has it’s own way of leveling the playing field. You just have to learn to appreciate that the things that nature does is not always the way you like. No one likes to see the blacken smoldering scorch of a field of prairie grass but come back in three months and wonder at the beauty that is starting to bloom and cover the blackened char.

You can follow all the instructions and double and triple check your process but in the end nature is a force you can not predict so if you can accept that and take pleasure in what was successful than you will have mastered how to have a successful garden


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