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Gardeners KneeGardeners knees is a serious concern for everyone who gardens. While you may not think so when you are in your youth those things you do today will affect how you feel when you get older. Sports injuries, accidents, and heredity all play a part and unless you are aware of some of the causes that you can help avoid you may find out sooner than latter.

The pain I am referring to is the same as you get with tendonitis, and something I am very familiar with having suffered gardeners knee pain about a year and a half ago. The pain started after I spent the day planting the front flower beds with the summer flowering annuals. I worked in that bed for about 5 hours and the next day I started having aching throbbing pain in my knees and legs. This pain was off an on for over 3 months some times ibuprofen helped some time not but it never went away. One day I was talking with a landscaper I knew and he told me that a part of that was caused by the statin drugs hat I was taking for my cholesterol because they draw a lot of other nutrients out of your system and cause other issues like the joint pain in my knees. This guy was into minerals and supplements so he gave me a bottle of the Gluecogel capsules that he sold and told me to stop the statin drugs. I was in a lot of pain that day so I said what the heck it couldn’t hurt. I called the doctor and got a prescription for a non statin medicine and believe it or not in 3 days my pain was almost gone. This is the truths after 2 weeks I could walk , kneel, and bend my legs with no pain.

I stayed with the supplement for 3 months then stopped taking it with out any more knee pain. One time about 2 months a go I had over done it a bit and I started to feel some pain starting to come back to my knees I took some capsules for 3 days the pain was gone and not returned since. The active ingredient is glucosemine and it helps to lubricate the joints. You can probably get it at any health foods store or drug store. If you have this kind of problem I suggest you call your doctor and find out if this might help you.

The other thing you got to remember is that bending your knees and kneeling on them is hard on your joints and bursa the sacs around the joint the hold the lubricating fluids that keep your joint lubricated.

I know that kneeling down is certainly a convenient way to work in low ares around the garden but it will do damage to your knees over time. I would highly suggest that you purchase a pair of good knee pads and use them every time you need to be on your knees. When I say a good pair I am not talking about a couple rubber pads I am talking professional quality. You only have one set of knees!

You will also want to look at the type of gardening tools you have because you may be able to tackle the same tasks in a standing position using the right type of tools. Long handle cultivators make it easy to remove weeds and using the edge of a garden hoe will make great planting holes the you can use when planting flats of annuals or other plants.

Investing in quality gardening tools is not only wise it will make you gardening time much more enjoyable.Remeber the damage you do to your knees may not show up untill years latter so it is smart to do all you can to prevent damage that willl bother you years from now!

The quality gardening tools and implements that are available are a wise investment as they can make your life in the garden a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.


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