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The last few days here at the urban garden have been wonderful for early Spring. The weather has been great for working outdoors and taking care of the early springtime chores. Sunny dry weather is always a blessing in early spring and taking advantage of it can put you way ahead on your list. The next couple of days I am afraid will not be so hospitable for outdoor work with rain and colder temperatures.

Even with the rain and inclement weather there is work to be done. Now is the time to start those early spring seeds indoors for transplanting outside to the cold frame in the next few weeks. Warm season plants such as peppers and tomatoes should be started the beginning of April so they have 6 to 8 weeks before setting out. Get those herbs started as well especially potted herbs they can be moved outside to the patio as soon as the weather warms.

Along with seed starting it is time to get your gardening equipment in order. Check to be sure your power equipment is tuned and ready to go. All your hand tools should be cleaned and sharpened. If you need to replace something now is the time at the big preseason sales going on.

As for the lawn this is the time to put down crabgrass prevention. Last year was a very bad year with crabgrass every wheres so there are seeds just waiting to explode. Get your preventor down as soon as the weather permits. Take advantage of the spring rain to get it soaked into the soil.

The other important task is to get those flower beds cleaned as the Spring flowering bulbs are starting to emerge and you want to get the debris before they pop their heads out to lessen chance of damage. Yes after a long cold winter it is time to get it in gear. What ever you do don’t get overwhelmed,take a little bit each day and you will quickly catch up. Most important of all take a bit of time for yourself each day even a 10 minute stroll around the garden will lift your spirits and help clear your mind.


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