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Spring Flowering Bulbs

Spring Flowering Bulbs

The past several weeks have been very hectic and the weather as well.Many people are just now getting their gardens in and hoping for a good summer growing season. Temperatures from the upper 40’s to the mid 90’s have made this spring a very different type of spring than usual. Along with the temperature swings we have had deluges of flooding rains and even hale storms. Fortunately for us we have been spared from the terrible and tragic killer tornado’s that have gripped a large portion of the country. Again this spring nature has shown us it’s unpredictability and it’s force.

As gardeners it is always a challenge when the weather does not cooperate but most times we can work around some of these setbacks. The late start means that we must get those warm weather plants in now and then even if we have not done fall gardening before dive in and try and get early spring crops like radishes,lettuce,cabbage, broccoli, and other spring vegetables in at the end of summer for a fall harvest.

The weather has also made landscape maintenance a bit harder this year and a lot of chores like cutting back the spring flowering bulbs have been put off. This makes for a real challenge in beds where the bulbs are dispersed among perennials as care needs to be taken not to damage the perennials while working in the beds.The weeds have really shot up with all the rain and now with warmer temperatures it is getting to be very noticeable. Even cracks along buildings and in sidewalks have started to show signs of growth usually left for the end of June or the beginning of July. Yes the cycles of nature can play havoc with the garden but some determination and perseverance will always win out.

Remember while working in the garden do not overdo it take frequent breaks and drink plenty of water. The sun may not be shinning hard but you can quickly dehydrate even on cloudy days if the temperatures are warm. Latter in the week I wil be sharing a vegetable garden update so be sure and check back.


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