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gardeners and gardeningGardeners and gardening both subjects which should have flexible in their definitions. While gardening is rather straight forward in the mechanic of it all. Provide good soil, proper moisture, the right amount of sunshine and pretty much you should be assured a good garden. That is of course if you are not living in the real world of gardening. In the real world of gardening many other things can cause the garden to do poorly even with the best of care

If you could control the weather that would probably be a great help in creating the perfect world for gardening, but then you would also have to be able to control things like nonnative species that can become a threat. A good example is the emerald ash borer that is killing off thousands of ash trees everyday. While there are ways to prevent healthy trees from being killed through the use of systemic pesticides that is also something that is not foolproof as nature has a way of developing resistance to things after a while.

So when discussing gardeners and gardening it is important to think flexible. Vegetable gardening is one example that can easily illustrate this. Today most vegetable gardens are planted by people who enjoy the idea of growing their own fresh vegetables and that taste of vegetables fresh from the garden. If the weather is good then large crops of the great tasting vegetables are the reward but cloudy cool wet weather can produce a very meager crop of summer vegetables and then it would be a disappointing year. 100 or 150 years ago that would not be the case because when we were a much more rural society the vegetable garden failing could be disaster for the winter survival of the family.

So when years were very good for a certain crop the rural families of the past would can and preserve everything they could because they did not know what the next crop that would fail might be so they would at least have food to survive on even if it was not the first choice.

For today’s gardeners and gardening buffs the results while disappointing would not prevent the acquisition of these vegetables just the flavor and varieties. The same problems that affected the garden may have affected the farmers who would suffer and then the consumer would suffer by paying higher prices for the crops due to local shortages.

These calamities not only affect the vegetable gardener but those who grow beautiful landscapes and flower gardens as well. As with the example of the emerald ash borer above a gardener may have to change varieties or even species due to weather, diseases, or pests. Gardeners are resilient and they will take these challenges in stride and being flexible they will redesign and replant and have their beautiful gardens.


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