Free Garden Catalogs

2013 Garden Catlaogs

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The latest garden catalogs are now available for the 2013 growing season.   There is a great article with links to 48 garden catalogs over at Master Gardening Weekly you can see it here 48 Free 2013 Garden Catalogs .

Now is a great time to order them so that you can have your seeds in time for starting indoors. These garden catalogs not only contain seeds and plants for sale but many contain handy reference materials as well. Everything from planting charts to online garden designers they are a wealth of free information.

While about 65% of the country has snow on the ground right now you are probably not ready to get out and do anything with your gardens, but as the winter drags on you will be getting antsy to get out side and do something. It would be a great way to spend a cold dreary afternoon going through garden catalogs to make some plans for that nice weather ahead . But you need to order your catalogs now so you will have them.


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