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Emerald Ash Borer A Major Crisis

Emerald Ash Borer
Has the Emerald Ash Borer become a major crisis they are spreading like wildfire across the country and are costing millions of dollars and damages. From towns to cities to county and states officials are waging a battle to quarantine and stop these destructive insects.

To get a better understanding of what an emerald ash borer is and what kind of destruction it causes I have picked some news articles that I want to share with you.


The Soft Fascination of Trees | Good Nature

The emerald ash borer is a serial killer, responsible for more than one hundred million tree deaths. A beetle native to Asia, the emerald ash borer was first discovered in the United States in Michigan in the summer of 2002.


Emerald Ash Borers Invade Southeastern Forests | CompassLive

The emerald ash borer is one of the most destructive forest pests introduced to North America in recent years. Adult beetles merely nibble on the leaves of native ash trees, but their larvae burrow through the inner bark of the


New emerald ash borer infestations found in St. Paul, Minneapolis

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture said Friday, Feb. 1, that it has confirmed three new emerald ash borer infestations in the Twin Cities, including two in St. Paul and one in Minneapolis landmark Lakewood Cemetery.

Loss Of Trees To Emerald Ash Borer Could Be Causing Deaths

Emerald ash borers have killed more than 100 million trees in the U.S., and that correlates to a rise in human deaths, a new study finds.


Emerald Ash Borer

emerald-ash-borer-illinois-arborist-association General Information. Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) has been found in Illinois. It was first sighted on Thurs, June 8th in the Windings subdivision in Lily Lake (west of St. Charles) in


Emerald Ash Borers are a serious threat that we all should be aware of and the more we understand about control and containment of these destructive pests the better it is . It is like many evasive species that have become entrenched in this country do to  accidental importation or negligence. Now that it is here we all need to work to help solve the problem.

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