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Creating Edible Landscapes — 3 Comments

  1. Great suggestion about growing your own food. Aside from being economical, the different colors of fruits and vegetables will make your garden look appetizing 🙂

    As much as I love this article, I was hoping for some actual tips in growing your your own food; like how to plant and maintain eggplants or some how-to instructions in growing peach trees. That would really help people in starting and edible garden.

  2. Your advice about planting edible landscape among decorative landscape is excellent. You are right about the practical aspect of it from a food supply source for humans and wildlife. Also, your point about the fragrance that herbs add to the environment is very appealing. Pepper plants do add an exotic beauty to the landscape and they are not hard to grow. We have never tried your tip for eggplant and cucumber –a great suggestion. Another benefit of this type of landscaping is sharing “edibles” with neighbors and friends right from the garden–lots of fun and rewarding. Thank you for your insights, my family really enjoy your posts.

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