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Container gardening can be a gold mine of new ideas and space for the urban gardener. The use of containers can turn even the smallest space into a great looking garden area. The nice part is that container gardening can be as economical or as extravagant as your budget allows.

In urban areas space is usually at a premium and so to stretch your garden, containers are many times the perfect solution. Containers can enhance the appearance of your deck or patio. A few pots of flowers on a front porch or stoop is an inviting welcome to your visitors. Containers are also very versatile. Simply by moving the location of the containers you can change the appearance of the area.

Tips For Starting A Container Garden

  1. Be sure what ever you choose for a container garden has adequate drainage . If necessary add some holes to let water drain out properly.
  2. If you have a very large container try to place it in the location you want it before filling with potting mix. A full container may be to heavy to move especially if the potting soil is moist.
  3. Arrange your plantings so that the taller plants are in the middle and the lower plants are around the outside providing for a good appearance when viewed from any angle.
  4. Always group plants with similar cultural requirements in the same container. A very sun loving plant mixed with shade lovers will not do well in a shady environment.
  5. Supply plenty of fertilizer through out the growing season. With a limited amount of soil in the container nutrients are quickly used or washed away.
  6. Be sure to water your containers. A container planting will dry out much quicker than plants in the ground. So to avoid stress and damage check you containers daily.

The goldmine of urban container gardening is the ability to plant many varieties in a small space. You can grow everything from petunias to zucchini in a container. For those in an urban setting this is a boon because many times urban yards do not always contain enough ground to grow a decent size garden. You can also be assured of good soil by using a good potting soil. This will help insure that your plantings will have optimal conditions to flourish.

Another nice thing about container gardening almost anything that will hold soil can be used as a container. This can lead to all kinds of new and creative ideas. A small space does not necessarily limit you to a small garden. Let your creative juices take over and you will be surprised at what you can come up with.


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