Install Your Landscape

Laying Out The Plantings It is important to take your time with the placement and take into account the size and height of the plants at maturity. Most people fail to realize that although a planting may look sparse at first just how quickly plantings will grow and how quickly the area will become a jungle so some times it is best to go with less is more when doing your landscaping. You can always fill in with annuals the first year or two while waiting for the new plantings to reach full size.

SPECIAL NOTE: While it is a good idea to mulch your plantings to give them a quick start DO NOT USE ANY MULCH THAT HAS COLORANT ADDED as the colorant will leach out and runoff will get into the pond and turn your water from clear to murky right away. Use only mulch which is natural and has no colorant added.

Also it is important not to fertilize around your pond as the fertilizer will leach into the pond and cause an imbalance that will lead to algae blooms turning the pond into a big green mess.


Our Pond Through The Years

Random Photo Of Our Pond Through The Years Please enjoy the photos!


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