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Large Potted TreeBig pots in a garden can be very impressive if filled with large healthy plants. Pots and containers come in all shapes and sizes and if you are looking to grow plants that will need to be transplanted  then the shape of the container will be very important

While the photo may show a pot much larger than you will probably ever need to transplant from it does show a crucial piece of information that you need to consider when growing large plants in containers.

As large plants grow the container they are in will fill with roots eventually this will require you to transplant them to a larger container. Looking at the photo notice how the pot is larger at the top then tapers down. This is what you are looking for when planting large containers.

If you were to plant in a container that was larger at the bottom or in the middle than at the top,  when it came time to remove the plant for transplanting you would either destroy the container or the root ball or both. Large containers and large specimen plants are very expensive so plan accordingly.

Tips For Growing Big Plants In Big Pots

When growing in containers it is important to remember that you will need to check almost daily to be sure there is enough moisture and that the soil does not dry out. A couple of hours in the sun without adequate moisture and your plant will turn crispy.  A good practice is to add hydrogel pellets into the soil as you pot your plants. These pellets will absorb up to 100 times their weight in water and then slowly release into the soil as it dries. Each time the container is thoroughly watered the pellets will rehydrate. When using hydrogel it is important to leave about 2″ of space from the top of the container because as the pellets absorb moisture they will swell.

If your plants are in full sun the container will dry out much more quickly so pay close attention. For healthy plant growth you will need to apply a slow release fertilizer two or three times a year. Proper nutrition is essential for proper and healthy plant growth.

One last thing to think about when choosing a container for your plants is that dark colors absorb heat more so than light colors. Be careful because heat can damage delicate root systems. Best to save darker colored containers for planting in shady areas out of direct sun.


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