Backyard Nursery Business

Day lilies ready for over wintering

My Backyard Nursery Business is a collection of activities and projects that are taking place in my own business.

Updated regularly I will keep you informed of my progress and give you a look at running a back yard nursery business. 

During the planning stages I was considering several different business models and chose to concentrate  on two. 

First I will be working up the wholesale end selling rooted cuttings to other growers. These I will be selling via mail order.

Along with rooted cuttings I will be selling what is known as liner stock  which is larger and can be potted in the Spring and sold the same Fall as a fully grown plant ready for the landscape.

The second part of the business will be regular retail sales in the spring and again during the fall out of the house. Right now I am thinking about 4 sales in Spring and the same in the Fall each being 3 days long each. Tentatively  on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

The rest of the year my retail sales will be by appointment or chance. Being in a residential neighborhood I do not want to be the cause of traffic problems for my neighbors.

I have dappled in the field of a Backyard Nursery Business several times during my years in the grounds keeper field but now a days I am thinking much more serious about extra retirement income I can earn from working at home.

While many people have probably thought about this there are some things which they do not always consider. The thought of putzing around in the garden and making money doing it seems very appealing. 

What I will be doing is taking and rooting thousands and thousand of cuttings then keep them watered and weed free untill it is time to harvest them .package them, ship them and then there is the invoicing and records as well as inventory counting.

What I am saying is that while it is what I really love doing it requires dedication if you hope to  make meaningful money doing it . I believe that the non monetary rewards I will receive are as important as the money so I see this is a great plan for me.

So if you have ever thought about starting a Backyard Nursery Business keep stopping by and see what we are up to and maybe find something that solves a problem or that will inspire you.