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Spring 2015 Is Coming

Spring 2015 Is ComingSpring 2015 is coming it may not feel like it yet but it is on it's way and very shortly. If you are an avid gardener I am sure you are aware of this, but many gardeners who are just starting out and would like to grow their own flowers [more]

Seed Libraries And Seed Exchanges

Seed Libraries And Seed ExchangesSeed Libraries and Seed Exchanges are available in many parts of the country and around the world, but exactly what are they and who runs them and what are they for? As with any good article a little background on the importance of the subject matter and why it should [more]

Guerrilla Gardening

Guerrilla GardeningThe term Guerrilla Gardening may be a bit confusing for some even conjure up the wrong picture altogether, of maybe guerrilla's actually gardening. The term is attributed to Liz Christy an artist who in the 1970's livid in New York and was concerned about the steady decline of neighborhoods and [more]

Gardening Experts

Gardening ExpertsWhat does it take to become one of the Gardening Experts? For many of us the words Gardening Experts brings to mind a group of wised individuals that can answer any question on gardening with out even the blink of the eye. I am a gardening a gardening expert but [more]

Where Your Garden Seeds Come From

Where Your Garden Seeds Come FromMany people have a vegetable garden because they like the idea of fresh right off the plant produce and the feeling that it is safe to eat because they grew it them selves and know where it came from, but what about where your garden seeds come from. The real question [more]


Gardening is a past time enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. There are gardens of all shapes and sizes Glenns Garden is dedicated to bring gardeners information and resources they can use in the pursuit of this most fascinating hobby. The information here was compiled by Glenn Bronner a Professional Groundskeeper with over 40 years experience in gardening, horticulture, landscaping, and grounds maintenance.

Gardening Resources

Some of the gardening resources you will find here.

Packed with how to’s and detailed articles Glenns Garden will make your gardening experience more fun and less stressful. Plus special offers and information on new gardening products and ideas will help to motivate you and stimulate you to try new things.

Why Am I Passionate About Gardening

Learning is a lifelong adventure and for gardeners the rewards are extra sweet beautiful flowers, healthy delicious fruits and vegetables, and a calm and pleasing landscape. There is also the extra health benefit of exercise what a great way to spend your spare time. If that is not enough than how about the pride you will have when people stop to admire your garden, and complement your efforts.

Many an afternoon has been spent sitting on the patio by the pond enjoying some free time and taking in the secret world of my garden. There are many people who have beautiful landscapes or gardens that rarely ever just sit and enjoy them, mostly because of their lifestyle these are used only for dinner parties or when entertaining. Every week the landscaper comes by and takes care of the maintenance and it is a totally hands off experience. What a shame that they never experience the secret world of the garden.

The Secret World Of The Garden

 Yes gardens do have a secret world there are insects such as butterflies, praying mantis, dragonflies, bees, hornets, and a host of other insects that are all a part of the garden. They are all there and serve a purpose as well as make the garden possible by doing their part and making sure it survives.

There are many other visitors as well birds, squirrels,  toads, frogs, snakes , and other reptiles that call your garden home as well as the occasional possum or raccoon. Also on the list we could add the neighborhood cat and maybe a chipmunk or two. All these creatures are truly fascinating to watch and it is easy to get lost for big chunks of time watching as the show unfolds.

Gardening Tips

Whether your are a novice gardener or and experienced veteran there is something here for you from easy ways to start grass seed to extending your growing season. Those who have no yard can learn about patio and balcony gardening, you will even learn about ways to turn your rooftop into a small scale farm.

Learn about the best ways to preserve your harvest from canning to drying there are many recipes and ideas.

Learn how to improve your garden soil for bigger and better yields.
Learn About

  • Composting
  • Organic Gardening
  • Hydroponics
  • Easy Weed Control
  • Garden Planning
  • Pest Control
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage

Growing And Learning Everyday

I believe that we should never stop learning.I try to learn something new each and everyday because the more you know the better off you are as a citizen of the planet we all share. Each and everyone of us has something that is their passion something that  we strive to be good at .No matter what walk of life you come from their are those that have a passion for gardening. This is my passion and I want to give to  those that are interested to learn and grow in their ability and knowledge and learn how to be a Master of Gardening.
Glenn Bronner Your Host Of Glenns GardenGlenn Bronner is a professional groundskeeper with over 40 years experience in many facets of horticulture. As an expert gardener Glenn shares tips and information as well as practical gardening advice.


I started my horticultural career back in my home town of Miami, Florida at the age of 8. Back then my main duties were to pull weeds out of my grandmothers zoysia lawn and to help with picking the fruit off of the mango, papaya,orange, grapefruit, lemon, and avocado trees.

In my late twenties, I moved north to Illinois and attended horticultural classes at the college where I worked. I learned
about greenhouse propagation and management, as well as turf
grass, soil and fertilizer, and sports turf management.

My resume also includes several high schools, hospitals and my own landscape maintenance business. Along the way I have picked up a lot of information, techniques, short cuts, and even scientific facts. Which I will be happy to share with you.



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