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Gardening is a past time enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. There are gardens of all shapes and sizes Glenns Garden is dedicated to bring gardeners information and resources they can use in the pursuit of this most fascinating hobby. The information here was compiled by Glenn Bronner a Professional Groundskeeper with over 40 years experience in gardening, horticulture, landscaping, and grounds maintenance.

Spring 2015 Is Coming

Spring 2015 seed startingSpring 2015 is coming it may not feel like it yet but it is on it’s way and very shortly. If you are an avid gardener I am sure you are aware of this, but many gardeners who are just starting out and would like to grow their own flowers and vegetables from seed will need to start preparing soon.

With Valentines Day just about 3 weeks away I have already seen the lawnmowers creeping into the garden section of some of the home centers stores in our area. I would not be surprised to see some seed racks going up next week.

A lot of people are scratching their heads and wondering why so soon, but people who have been gardening for a while and those just starting to think about a garden inevitably will slow down and linger even for a few moments to take a quick look and think about this years garden.

Starting Seeds For The Spring 2015 Garden

In just about 2 weeks I will be starting seeds for my vegetable garden in order to get my cool Continue reading

Seed Libraries And Seed Exchanges

Seed LibrariesSeed Libraries and Seed Exchanges are available in many parts of the country and around the world, but exactly what are they and who runs them and what are they for? As with any good article a little background on the importance of the subject matter and why it should be important to you is in order Continue reading

Guerrilla Gardening term Guerrilla Gardening may be a bit confusing for some even conjure up the wrong picture altogether, of maybe guerrilla’s actually gardening. The term is attributed to Liz Christy an artist who in the 1970’s livid in New York and was concerned about the steady decline of neighborhoods and the increase of urban blight. One day Liz noticed some tomato plants growing out of a pile of ruble and debris and an idea was born, and she started spreading seeds all about empty lots and abandoned properties even empty tree pits in the side walks and parkways. Continue reading

Gardening Experts

Gardening ExpertsWhat does it take to become one of the Gardening Experts? For many of us the words Gardening Experts brings to mind a group of wised individuals that can answer any question on gardening with out even the blink of the eye. I am a gardening a gardening expert but I can assure you that I very rarely answer any question with out thinking about it first.

One thing I can tell you absolutely is that to answer a question you need to know what the question is. As confusing as this might sound it is one of the things that sets gardening experts apart from just gardeners. For example someone says every time I plant a flower in my container on the patio it  starts to turn yellow and wilt in a week or two why? Right away I can give you 3 answers for the same question while any of them maybe right they all maybe wrong the soil is too wet, the soil is too dry, the soil is contaminated. Continue reading

Where Your Garden Seeds Come From

where your garden seeds come fromMany people have a vegetable garden because they like the idea of fresh right off the plant produce and the feeling that it is safe to eat because they grew it them selves and know where it came from, but what about where your garden seeds come from.

The real question is where did the seeds for these plants come from and what does that have to do with your vegetable garden. That story starts with a company called  Seminis which was founded back in 1994  and it was formed by acquiring a group of established companies Asgrow Seed Company,and Bruinsma and Genecorp brands. Asgrow Seeds is Seminis Oldest Brand Established Back In 1865. Continue reading


F_Zinnia_GiantDoubleMix Zinnias I would have to describe it as a plant that would provide vivid color flowers from the middle of summer until frost, that was ridiculously easy to grow from seed and that would attract not only butterflies but birds as well to the garden.

Zinnias are always a show stopper and there are colors of every hue so they can fit in well with any perennials or annuals in your garden and will even give a pop of color to the herb garden or foliage. Not matter where you plant the will really catch your eye. Continue reading